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Dedicated to my son Alexis.

Welcome to the SIPP - Structure of Interactive Psycho Philosophy ver.5

Search for symmetry, beauty and connection

All is illusion, inside and outside, but believe is still the driving force of every human being.

This website is the attempt of a unification theory of the Chinese I-Ching, Egypt's Tarot, the Jewish Kabalah, the 22 aminoacids of the DNA double helix (3-d space) and the Mayan Sacred Calendar Tzolkin (4th-d time).
In the seventies I started to kick out every learned believe and doctrine out of my brain and looked for approved and more reliable belief systems. I knew and use the I Ching since then and Timothy Leary's theory of the eight levels of evolution fitted nicely within the I Ching.

At the same time I read a book from the German doctor named Martin Schoenberger. He observed that the DNA codons and the I Ching are very similar and left it to the future generations to find out how. Together with a friend, we did exactly that and aligned in Berlin from 1990 - 1991 the I Ching code and the 64 amino acid triplets. I made a second attempt four years later to explain and display our SIPP (Structure of Interactive Psycho- Philosophy)

The breakthrough came Christmas'98 when I played in a spreadsheet with an I Ching number matrix (hexagrams binary sorted) and discovered the Yin & Yang imageinside this numbers. I started again to review all data and made the highlights visible here on the web for the first time.

The 64 Elements (codons) of the DNA are the total of 20 amino acids with varying quantities of this 64 codons plus two and one stop codon. It started to get interesting, because Cabala and Tarot both describe a belief system with 22 elements too.

Then, one day in June, I got a phone call and got introduced to Okekkaan, which showed and explained for two days the Mayan Sacred Calendar Tzolkin to me.
After intense discussions we came up with the solution that the 260 elements of the Tzolkin are represented by 4 cycles of 64 = 256 elements plus 4extra (no -elements) at the beginning of every cycle (birth/ quietness)

4 X 65 = 260
The Tzolkin is Dr. Jose Arguelles baby and he is studying this calendar since more than 33 years.

I collected a bunch of real truths into one coherent system (SIPP) because I deeply believe we humans are build, wired and run by auto- correcting and auto- advancing DNA Software.

Deep inside ourselves we will find a 4, 8, 13, 20, 22 or 65
element general purpose template.

What I found so far:

4, Four AND...4 and FOUR !

    This is the most used number in the whole universe. Three Dimensions of space and one of time. One is always different, opposite polarity, working as a centerpiece for the other three.

    Gravity - Electromagnetic -Weak Atomic F. - Strong Atomic F.
    Earth - Water - Fire - Air
    Cytosine - Thymine - Adenine - Guanine
    Nitrogen - Carbon - Hydrogen - Oxygen

    Life was less cluttered in ancient times. Their observations were clearer and cleaner than ours could possibly, be today. We have now millions of pieces and I think we have often lost the big overview in a lot of scientific disciplines.
          Now that we have language developed to high levels to express new things, now that we have access to more knowledge than we possible can read in our life, let's give it a new try to speak the same truth that our ancestors had (observed) with- in their minds.

    There is a huge unbalance between specialists and generalists.
    I generalize on this pages to be specific!

    Jan 22 1998 Cancun, Q. Roo.
    Bernhard Pfennigschmidt
    Webmaster Cancun Online

Created on ... January 22, 1998