SIPP - Structure of the Interactive Psycho Philosophy

My name is Bernhard. Let me invite you to a tour through our universe.

After 42 years of observing, I see four main structural components in this universe.

Physics defines matter as depending on this four forces:
electromagnetic, gravitational, strong and weak forces.

Matter is composed of two groups of bodies: fermions and bosons.

This two groups divide further into the atom building fermions
protons, electrons, neutrons and the bosons
photons, gravitrons, gluons and W and Z as the messengers of the four forces

One of this four forces is differrent, opposing the other three. Gravity.

Biology defines life as having a self-replicating mechanism. This mechanism is expressed, copied and translated into complex protein molecules by the four letters C T A G.

This are the four amino bases Cytosine, Tymine, Adenine and Guanine. Two of this molecules, T-A attract each other, the other two, C-G repell each other.

Every form of life uses this four bases to describe every detail of it's bodies within their DNA.

One again is different. While the DNA contains the whole bodys description, any growth or repair needs only a subset of that info to do its job. This is done with the mRNA which translates DNA info into proteins. C A and G get copied and the fourth one, Tymine is converted into Uracil.


I had a hard time seeing the periodic table of the chemical elements as the optimal way to display all known elements. Maybe there are really no more than 118 elements?

Right after the big bang there where considerable less chemical elements existing. They condensed out of a boiling mess of subatomar particles. Some elements got created much later in the evolution of our universe. There appear to be four waves of materialisation.

First wave contains hydrogen and helium.2x1
The second wave contains 16 elements.4x4
The third wave contains 36 elements.6x6
The fourth wave contains a maximum of 64 elements.8x8

The most precious elements are carbon and uranium.

PsychologyThe human mind tries since ever to find meaning in the surrounding world. We are categorizing and labeling our perceived reality every day.

History supplies us with quite a lot of marvels systematizing perceived reality.

Some Theories went as far as to deny everything except perception the rank of reality.

My view is that everything we ever think and know is just a modell of reality, an image. We constantly react to this projection.

The order is as follows:

The unknown, outside the reach of my senses
The known, image of outside stimuli
Identification with an observer watching external stimuli
creates a bipolar worldview where the I is separated from its own memories.
On the outside we have the supporting known amd unknown enviroment.

We got again four elements

An observer sitting on a pile of accumulated ideas, worldviews and believs, separated from the supportive known and unknown enviroment.

1.- unknown
2.- observer
3.- the observed
4. - known

Every modell,every idea is a simplification of perceived reality
Some are more useful then others.

What now?There are several systems which I syncronized as good as possible. This is still a very chaotical website because a lack of time. Anyway, check out the menus above!

Actually the environment is a curved plane with only marginally a third dimension.
Up and down are way less important than the four directions from the compass rose.

Created on ... September 13, 2001