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1.- Time - Cycle Translations

The various belief systems used in Sipp 9 pinpoint daily changing settings which influence each and all living beings on this planet.

They all present cycles with different lengths. As long as I was working on the space extensions of the old Sipp, I placed little focus on cycles. This all changed with the introduction of the Mayan calendars.

My vision is imaginating time as one long line stretching from a distant past via the now to an unknown future. I tried to put that vision together in the different zoom factors of the Sipp Oracle. Think out of the box. Time is a constant flux. I tryed to get beyond the monthly number box. All calendars just put borders around cycles...

There was an alien timekeeping system with uncomprehensable icons explaining 20 unknown deities combined with 13 raising sounds to create another masterpiece of humankind: The Tzolkin calendar.

It took two years to sink in before I put my concentration again on the Mayan calendars...

The older versions of the Sipp have three cycle translators: 64 I Ching Hexagrams - 64 dna codons - 22 amino acids - 22 tarot cards/hebrew letters.

All this systems are called the space extensions of Sipp 9.

The Mayan calendar systems have cycle translations too. Each days last digit of the Guatemaltecan Long Count plus one is the numeric equivalent of the present day Tzolkin icon. The Tzolkin day signs always includes the solar calendar Haab.

I scripted a 260 day Tzolkin Calendar which could be moved in time and would always display the correct gregorian date for each Mayan Kin, then the 365 day Haab calendar with the same features. Nice again, but still nothing impressive.

For the sake of completeness I programmed a moon phase calculator. The Jewish day conversion, an additional feature of my programming language completed the display with a correct moon phase.

But until the creation of the moon calendar combining moon phases with the 384 day Jewish calendar, I had no idea how to get the different systems together.

The moon calendar closed the search for the correct alignment. I can present the chain as this:

  • 1 Long count - Tzolkin - Haab - Gregorian Date -
  • 2 Moon phase - Jewish Calendar -
  • 3 I Ching - DNA - Amino Acids - Tarot/Kabalah -

2.- Translation Units

  • Long count 1872000 days / 5125 Years
  • Tzolkin 260 days - 20 x 13
  • Haab 365 days - 18 x 20 + 5
  • Gregorian Date 365 days - 12 x 27/30/31 and every 4 years one day more
  • Moon phase 29.53846154 days
  • Jewish Calendar 384 days 13 x 29/30
  • I Ching 64 hexagrams 8 x 8
  • 64 DNA Codons 4 x 4 x 4
  • 20 Amino Acids + 1 single unit stop + 1 double unit stop
  • 22 Tarot/Kabalah 10 + 12

3.- Common Math

52 Haab = 72 Tzolkin
65 I Ching = 16 Tzolkin
13 x 29.53846154 = 384 days, one Jewish Year
6 x 64 I Ching = 384
104 Haab = 1 venus round

Created on ... November 25, 2002