Sipp 9 Photo gallery

The following images below are different views of four forces...
Click the images to get an amplified view. All are aligned to follow the binary I-Ching organisation.
Please sit back and take the time to meditate...and explore the following diagrams.

The 5000 year old binary image
The I Ching topology
(Ying&Yang as binary reference(0 to 63) to encoded Fu Hi numbers)
Tiled views (male and female aspect as centers of reincarnated group effort.The Heads

I ching tension display of trigram relations
I Ching represented in colors

Amino acid positioning on hexagram matrix
Amino acids
positioning on the matrix

Inverted Image with I Ching numbers
I Ching reference map
(Number = Altitude)

Table of the chemical Elemnets
Chemical elements
(four shockwaves)

Positions of the subatomar particles
Quarks and forces

Symbol of the same Image
Created on ... November 20, 2002