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Why personalize the Sipp?

The question which rolled around my head for quite some time while I was developing this website was:

How do I align the description of any biological presence to the timeless, endless counts of the Mayan calendars?
The Mayan Calendars are aligned, thanks to hundreds of scholars investigating the Mayan culture here in the Yucatan Peninsula and down into Guatemala. My Sipp is aligned in itself, but how do I align the two: time and space?

I figured five possible fixed positions on the Tzolkin Ex.: At the beginning 1Imix = 0, at the end 63, 63 at 4 Ahau, but all solutions showed after some days of comparing the hexagrams to the actual daily feel that none of them will be good enough, they did not produce sharp and crisp matches in the descriptions. A fixed starting point would be too restrictive, Tzolkin and SIPP marching in endless lockstep, some combinations would never show up ...

One solution was: Each Person's/object's/project's birth initiates the sequence with SIPP 0. Biologial bodies have a defined start, no predictability over the whole life and an end. Celestial bodies have an open beginning and end and are very predictable in between!

It feels like the correct way to align. Space extensions counting up and the time extensions counting from down. Biologial life as an independent unit starts at birth.
But then came the info that the Jewish calendar year has 384 days. Normally. We again see a non-continuous counting, cyclic calendar with a leap month to sync the yearly reocurring festive days.
The Moon makes 13 rounds of the newmoon to newmoon cycle in 384 days. There is a really good match of numbers. Click on Moon in the reference section. It apppears that the I Ching originally was a continuously counting moon calendar. Six days per hexagram.
But there are more facts to consider: The - 12/21/2012 date is a solar event!
16 Tzolkin cycles equal 65 I ching cycles and 11.39 solar years. That is more or less the average cycle of the binary sun spots.
So far the Sipp is set to display 64 day cycles, but I am working on the 384 day moon cycle display counting from the date set in the form below. After you personalized the Sipp, click on the "Personalized" link on each page in the Oracle section
The Sipp can calculate your personal correlation factor between the Tzolkin Pulse and the SIPP.
If you choose not to personalize, the present Jewish calendar year will be preset. This correlation affects ALL CONTENT of the space extension channels.(The right two fields)

The SIPP 9 needs a starting point to make sense... :-)

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