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Superwoman and Supermacho started it all!

Observation shows different factors controlling the dawn of anything.

Rome wasn't build in 1 day and life didn't start with Gods but bacteria and other one-celled beings.

All this started very, very simple!
Zero was already there, all the time, but very alone...

Zero separated the Infinite from herself...

Bang! There is a new universe with all numbers between.

Black representing Zero and White representing all other numbers going toward infinite!

Just Kidding....

In reality there are only two Hexagrams which can express Zero and One with one line.

2 Receptive bin0 and 24 Return bin1 which is the same as

bin0 created bin1
The rest are LEADING ZEROS...

There are only two Hexagrams which can express Two and Three with two lines.

7 Army bin2 and 19 Promotion bin3 which is the same as

bin1 created bin2 and bin3
The rest are LEADING ZEROS...

I have skipped all leading zeros in this view.

These 7 Army and 19 Promotion in turn lead to the four hexagrams 15 Modesty, 36 Censorship, 46 Advancement and 11 Peace in the third generation. All hexagrams in higher generations unfold further from this four as displayed below.

There is even a formula for this behaviour: Double the value (2x) or Double the value plus one (2x+1). The interesting part is that the container values of each generation define their future generations value as well...

All Hexagrams are descendants of either 7. Shih / The Army or
19. Lin / Approach, which both originate from 24. Fu / Return (The Turning Point)

Help with binary values Half of this set (binary 0-31) is a backup from the last 5 generations!!!

Please don't click right into it...

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The following numbers before the tittle are I Ching numbers. The binary number is behind the title.

To create the next genation push the existing lines one level up and add a new yang or yin line at the bottom.

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