Reset! Anything is pretty much illusion

Please realize that Thoughts are only one part of the trinity.

All you know is by definition a subset of the whole! You can never ever expect to know anything for sure! Never Ever!

Believing that prayers will change something in the outside world is a big illusion. They never do anything except maybe change Your perception! No magic spells will help you reach your goals. "Whishful Thinking" is good when used as a positive, reinforcing, auto-suggesting activity. It is meant as a self-confidence booster. That's as far you go with thoughts related to the outside world!

Here is what the Dalai Lama says about this…
Of course, this kind of meditation will not have a material effect on others, because it is a visualization, but what it can do is help increase your concern for others and your empathy with their suffering, while also helping to reduce the power of self-centeredness. This are the benefits of the practise. This is how you train your mind to cultivate the altruistic aspiration to help other sentient beings. When this arises together withe the aspiration to attain full enlightenment, then you have realized Bodhichitta, that is, the altruistic intention to become fully enlightened for the sake of all sentient beings.

I clearly believe that no amount of praying will get you less hungry, less thirsty, more happy, richer, healthier, you name it... Not! You will not prevent the death of a beloved one with "Good Intentions" and hour-long monologues with a imagined higher entity. It is always YOU answering TO YOUR QUESTIONS.

If it would have really worked for anybody trying so far, we would have serious, power-prayer-experts moving mountains and lakes around with simple thoughts.

Hasn't happend. Don't trust your thoughts. Knowledge is limited! Thoughts are selective, working only inside your brain! The neurological part of our personality is for navigation and accident prevention.

Here is my take on the next higher form of thoughts: Will-power is a motivating, action inducing energy. To get things done, you have to convert the sum of your feelings and thoughts into an aligned activity that propels the object of your attention forward in the planned direction. Literally like a football player.

We have a Heart which syncronizes all in concert with the breath.

Which brings me to the real issue of this page. Real time sensory intelligence gathered, Assisting thoughts, and now what? The Heart is supposed to be the center of the whole enchillada.

We have a Body and the given sensory inputs from it.

If anyone could listen in to your electromagnetic signature, the heart beat would be all they hear. Each time the heart is beating, it is like a mega drum beat syncing all other oscillators of the body. That includes showering the brain with a huge electromagnetic pulse on each beat. The electric field-strength of the heart is 10,000 times stronger then the sum af all elecric fields from the brain.

Now What? Oh this wordy explaining...

What do we all crave?

We need peace.

Time to feel us!

Slow down.

Tune out the outside and tune in the inside.

Watch inward.

Be content with yourself.

"I have all, I don't need anything..."

Breathe and listen to your heart beat, there is an Inner Garden waiting to welcome you.

Spend time with post-meditation applying all with inter-actions.

Want some more details and in real order?

Enjoy my esoteric-chacra-psyco-liberation-course:
Life, the Universe and Everything

You will smile at the end of the course page. Guaranteed!