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The RNA Cube

RNA Codons           Amino Acid        
      gg-g               Gly      
    ga-g   gg-a           Gln   Gly    
  gc-g   ga-a   gg-c       Ala   Gln   Gly  
gu-g   gc-a   ga-c   gg-u   Val   Ala   Asn     Gly
  gu-a   gc-c   ga-u       Val   Ala   Asn  
    gu-c   gc-u           Val   Ala    
      gu-u               Val      
      ag-g               Arg6      
    aa-g   ag-a           Lys   Arg6    
  ac-g   aa-a   ag-c       Tre   Lys   Ser6  
au-g   ac-a   aa-c   ag-u   Met (start)   Tre   Asp   Ser6
  au-a   ac-c   aa-u       Iso   Tre   Asp  
    au-c   ac-u           Iso   Tre    
      au-u               Iso      
      cg-g               Arg      
    ca-g   cg-a           Glu   Arg    
  cc-g   ca-a   cg-c       Pro   Glu   Arg  
cu-g   cc-a   ca-c   cg-u   Leu   Pro   His   Arg
  cu-a   cc-c   ca-u       Leu   Pro   His  
    cu-c   cc-u           Leu   Pro    
      cu-u               Leu      
      ug-g               Trp      
    ua-g   ug-a           (Stop)   (Stop)    
  uc-g   ua-a   ug-c       Ser   (Stop)   Cys  
uu-g   uc-a   ua-c   ug-u   Leu6   Ser   Tyr   Cys
  uu-a   uc-c   ua-u       Leu6   Ser   Tyr  
    uu-c   uc-u           Phe   Ser    
      uu-u               Phe      

The Double helix is made of two structure strands and the little stairs connecting the two strands.

Each of the stairs is the combination of one letter and the complement letter. C and G are complement and A and T are complement. for example:

--C---T---A-- on one strand has the complement 
  |   |   |
--G---A---T-- on the other strand. 

We read only on one of the two strands. This single strand is called RNA. The other side is an inverse copy.

There are four letters, each represents an I-Ching Bigram.

Their value is 0, 1, 2 or 3 respectively.

U 0 Earth    C 1 Water      A 2 Fire      G 3 Air
   = =          = =            ===         === 
   = =          ===            = =         ===

Each hexagram and its equivalent RNA codon are constructed with three of this letters ! ! !
Some examples:

RNA     UAG         CCG         AGU
Reading Codon left to right is hexagram  top to bottom.
First letter of Codon is Top bigram.

Top     Earth      Water       Fire
Middle  Fire       Water       Air 
Bottom  Air        Air         Earth

For the binary value of each codon you have to do the following:
on the top multiply bigram value with 16
on the center multiply bigram value with 4
on the bottom multiply bigram value with 1

Top       0           16          32
Middle    8            4          12
Bottom    3            3           0 
Binary   11           23          44 

In a cube all this makes sense.
This cube is numbered for each cell starting at the bottom with 0=UUU 1=UUC in zig zag lines up to 63=GGG.

Scroll up again and see that in any direction there is only one letter changing.
Observe the diagonal relations in any direction through the cube.

How did this start?

  1. A green eight cell starter cube arrangement. (2 x 2 x 2) 8 elements.
  2. Twenty-four orange fields grow on the edges of the original green cube. (2 x 2 x 2 + 6 x 4) 32 elements.
  3. Thirty-two blue elements completete the growth cycle. (4 x 4 x 4) 64 elements.

Characteristics of RNA Amino Acids

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