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- The Cube -

Cubical arrangement of the I Ching Hexagrams based on DNA Codon orders.

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Why the letter order?
In the whole set of 64 amino acid codons there is one set of four codons which is different in the sense that it doesn't contain "four codon amino acids" or pairs of "two codon amino acids" 
The AUx family AUG AUC AUA AUU
Three of this codons are the amino acid Isoleucine and the fourth is Methionine, the starter of all protein sequences.
To separate them and have the Methionine codon not between the Isoleucine codons, you have to put the ATG codon at one end or the other end of this group of four codons.

The position of the amino base G implies via the logic of the I Ching the position of the matching amino base C at the other end 

And here is where I went stray for about 9 years and got corrected by Kinh Duong in Dec 2009 who showed me clearly that the correct order has to be G A C U:

He states:
If we treat G as three, then AUG Methionine would carry the iching hexagram #42 - http://deoxy.org/iching/42
If we treat G as zero, then AUG Methionine would carry the iching hexagram #32 - http://deoxy.org/iching/32

The conclusion is clear reading the I Ching hexagrams...

G=3 and it's complement U=0

All "two codon amino acids" follow the same grouping. For example AAx with the codons
AAG and AAA represents Lys, AAC and AAU represents Asn respectively.
To group this "two codon amino acids" next to each other I can discard GCAU because that would show all of this 
amino acids mixed and remain sure that... 


is the optimal way to display the amino acids
each neat and organized next to each other.Take this order into the
three dimensions height depth and length and there is the Cube

and the only mystery is that A and C are the children with the attributes Water and Fire,
and the G and U are like
the progenitors, the origin Earth and Air respectively.

Bernhard Pfennigschmidt
The Wizard

Created :Tuesday, 16-Nov-1999