This is a collection of thoughts and ideas leading to the SIPP. The "Intros" are ony published as reference and should lead to an understanding of what the author intended with each version. The "Extensions" are the various System Cycles. "History" is self explanatory. I will add the links asap!
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History and versions

SIPP1 - We ended up with some kind of card game. No computers, just card board, glue, photocopies and color pens. Actually you could play domino with the 64 cards using the trigrams as connectors.

SIPP2 - This version was written some 4 years later as a basic program displaying the different systems via text files.

SIPP3 - The first online version: A huge table.

SIPP4 - The question was: What is the correct sequence of the four amino bases to display the AA uninterrupted. Very academic, no real output, but with the solution CTAG

SIPP5 - Putting it all in the final table, refinements and corrections.

SIPP6 - The Cube. This was one exceptional transformation! I made an html page of it.

SIPP7 - The Database edition. This was to eliminate any doubts about the validity of the CTAG sequence.

SIPP8 - Chaos Theory motivated the creation of a hirarchical I Ching version. Again a pretty big table.

SIPP9 - The Tzolkin and Haab calendars leading to the creation of SIPP.ORG.

Space Extensions - Interactions between living and physical bodies

The focus is on the start of it all.

64 elements I Ching - The centerpiece of the SIPP, the I Ching has followed me around for nearly 30 years.

64 elements DNA Codons -The other reference of the SIPP, the DNA codons.

22 elements Amino Acids* - Translating Amino acids.

22 elements Tarot & Kabalah - I have never put ENOUGH effort into the tarot kabalah section, but I know they belong there.

Time Extensions - Interactions between celestial bodies

Focus is on completing cycles.

The Mayan Calendars -Units, lengths and other measurements.

The Long Count -The longest time span mentioned here (5125 years).

The Tzolkin Calendar -The sacred magic calendar fascinating the whole world with 260 days.

The Haab Calendar - The other calendar with 365 days.

The Moon - Moon Cycles, Jewish Calendar and the I Ching. The numbers match... :-)

Multiple cycles match on specific days - Calulator for the match days in a long count cycle.

Want to know more about this calendar system?
If link above is dead, here is a local copy.

The Authors "Intros"

My view of the Sipp has changed only slightly over the years. Here are some of the original motivations and product descriptions.

1989-91 - This was from the heydays in Berlin. Don't take it too seriously.

1993 - There was never any intro written for Sipp ver2, but I try to find one.

1998 - Getting serious about the website

1998 - Introduction of The Image

2001 - I Ching

2002 - Tzolkin

Created on ... November 18, 2002